Daniyal (Fatalsmind)

TikTok & IG Content Manager | joined @PlaywellEsport

Account added on Aug 2022

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Social Media & Content Manager
| Building brands & creators globally 🛠 — Contact: contact@daniyalshahzad.com

Playwell Esports is a Norwegian Esports Organization | Represented in multiple titles | Powered by

Tweeted in July 2022:

“With my return being less than three weeks away, I will now officially be looking for new clients to provide my services to. TikTok, Instagram, Youtube management all included plus any short form content management and editing. Contact me through DMs for my website & resume.”

There is no active gigs

AFK research team
AFK Research 8 months ago

We rate Daniyal at 4/5 stars. He has a great global perspective living in the UK and experience visiting Pakistan. This is important since gaming is very global and so you might find new markets working with Daniyal. We don't have enough information on his social management skills so we can't vouch for anything beyond his 6k Twitter followers. He joined Playwell Esports in April 2022. They are a Norwegian team which sounds interesting-- again, very globally minded. We look forward to seeing what Daniyal can accomplish.

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