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21 🇬🇧 • Aspiring Actor • @BBC Mentoree 

Content Manager for @RBUprising 🎮 • Business Email:


  • ESG Ewii (@GoatEwii): “Best guy ever ❤️”
  • DJENTBEARD (@DjentBeard): ” No he doesn´t have a lot of views and no he doesn´t have a lot of subs. Yes his growth is slow and yes there are many flaws. But i swear to god i have never known someone that was so willing to work through all of that to chase his dreams. Golden guy right here”

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AFK research team
AFK Research 8 months ago

Deza has strong reviews from people on Twitter (@GoatEwii: "Best guy ever ❤️") and seems to have the start of a really promising career in gaming. He recently announced switching from Twitch to YouTube streaming, so we will be watching his performance there. We hope he will continue developing his craft with a solid start of 94K+ Views & nearly 1K Subs on YT.

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