Aura Marx

Video Editor @AuraOrigin

Account added on Aug 2022

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@AuraOrigin ☆ Assault Grind | @Killotics @wyablu3

Former: Editor ✭ Lead VFX @AtlSect ✭ Grinding for @TeamAssaultGG
Several thousand followers on Twitter.

There is no active gigs

AFK research team
AFK Research 8 months ago

Marx is just developing their career in social content editing. They are an editor for Team Aura which has a small YouTube channel but seriously impressive edits. Marx's own YouTube channel is small as of this review (under 400 subs). Overall, we believe Marx has a lot of potential and we look forward to reviewing them in the future.

AFK research team
AFK Research 8 months ago

We love the Demon Slayer banner so we're upping the rating...

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